Hi! I’m Tanisha, teenage anime enthusiast, Harry Potter fangirl, and as of now, blogger.

I’d like to say that my reasoning for making this blog was to document my life, or something nice like that, but my #1 motivational reason for this site that you see today was…spite. Yep, that’s right, spite. As Google’s Dictionary says, to “deliberately hurt, annoy, or offend (someone)”.

Now that I have this blog, though, I’m going to keep it (hopefully forever), and chronicle the day-to-day aspects of my boring life.

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Some things about me. I’m 13, and going into the 8th grade. My favorite color is chartreuse, because it’s just amazing. I don’t have many favorites, because I’m indecisive and a terrible chooser, but I love violin, writing, reading, and being insane in general.

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Um, what else about me do I feel like sharing? Oh yeah, I’m a holiday fanatic, but I hate decorating my house for the holidays. I take Halloween incredibly seriously. Those who don’t think trick-or-treating is a contact sport clearly haven’t met me or my friends. In 6th grade, my friend Julia and I started an “NPO” called SCRATCHies, Inc. which gave out free recycled scratch paper to the masses, AKA Mr. Kurtz’s 6th-grade math class. I have no writing skill whatsoever, which is hilarious since I was rated at a college level in English at the age of 9. I play the violin, and have a minuscule amount of talent at it, which is surprising to me. I get bored, a lot, but once I put my mind to something, it’s impossible for me to let it go. I am currently eating an apple.

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Well, that’s it for now. If by chance you’re fascinated by me or would like to leave hate mail, please feel free to visit the contact section of this blog, and include your thoughts, and there is a more than good chance I will publish it. After all, your opinion is as valuable as mine, right? Article 18, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is it not? Anyway, that’s some stuff about me which I deem important for you to read.

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